Registration and Tuition

At Peace Preschool, we encourage families to come meet our staff and tour our facility as part of the registration process. Visiting is the best way to get a sense of our community and what we do here. We look forward to meeting you!

Registration: In order to register your child at Peace Preschool, please submit the following to the Peace Presbyterian Church office.

Enrollment: In order to complete your child’s enrollment, you will need to submit the following materials to the Peace Presbyterian Church office :

  • enrollment kit 2019-2020
  • An annual activity fee:
    • Noah’s Doves (2-year-olds) — $30
    • Daniel’s Cubs (3-year-olds) — $40
    • Peter’s Fish (4-year-olds) — $50
    • Solomon’s Horses (Pre-Kindergarten) — $60

Tuition: The tuition for each class for the 2017-2018 school year will be:

  • Noah’s Doves (2-year-olds, 2 days/week): $155/month
  • Daniel’s Cubs (3-year-olds, 3 days/week): $195/month
  • Peter’s Fish (4-year-olds, 4 days/week): $245/month
  • Solomon’s Horses (Pre-Kindergarten, 4 days/week): $285/month

Optional Fees: 

  • Lunch Bunch — Peace Preschool offers optional Wednesday lunchtime for children in the Cubs and Fish classes. At the beginning of each month, you may choose how many Lunch Bunch Wednesdays you want to use that month and submit payment for those days. Lunch Bunch costs $8/child for each day that you select ($4 for Solomon’s Horses).

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