Some parents have been kind enough to comment on particular aspects of their experience at Peace Preschool.   Here are some of their impressions.

  • The teachers really do love the kids, and the kids get to act like kids, run around, be messy, etc. I also like how much time the kids get to spend outside and how active they can be.  My sons both have loved bike time especially!
  • I’m always invited in the classroom; my questions/emails are always answered right away.
  • My child learns best through play and movement.  I was very impressed with the amount of outside play, music class, variety of toys/play stations in class.
  • I love that the kids are outside a lot, that they cook and sing often.  That is what little ones thrive on.
  • It’s very friendly…this school feels like family.
  • I am really impressed by all the different centers in each classroom and how each focuses on developing different things (gross, fine, mentally, socially), all while being lots of fun!
  • I was so glad my son had the opportunity to do the Jr. Kindergarten class. It is a huge jump to go from preschool to kindergarten, where the children have to wear those heavy backpacks and do academics all day with very little play time. I could tell which students in my son’s kindergarten class had been to a Jr. Kindergarten class and which had not; the difference in maturity and readiness was apparent. 

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