Thank you for your interest in Peace Preschool.

Before coming for a personal tour of our campus, we invite you to click here to join us for a virtual tour of our preschool.

Registration for 2023-2024 is happening now. We are excited to announce the opening of another “Noah’s Doves” class for children who will turn two before September 1st! 

Registration Forms for all classes are available HERE. Enrollment Forms are available HERE.

Tours are available by appointment. Please email or text 919-630-9610 to make a tour reservation. We encourage you to bring your child to the tour.

Scroll down for an introduction to what makes Peace Preschool special. Check out the links in the menu in the top right-hand corner of this page for more information.

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Our school focuses on giving preschool-aged children opportunities to explore the world through play, teaching them they are loved and valued children of God, and helping them learn how to live in community with one another. We also offer academic training designed to prepare children for Kindergarten. While our website can give you a sense of what we do here, we also encourage you to come tour the school, meet some of our staff, and watch our classrooms in action. We look forward to meeting your family and answering any questions that you might have about our school.


  • A warm and loving preschool community.
  • Many opportunities every day to explore the world through play.
  • The message of God’s goodness and love for them incorporated into daily activities.
  • Training in how to interact kindly and courteously with their peers and in the classroom.
  • Academic work designed to prepare them for Kindergarten.
  • A half hour of playground time every day.
  • A half hour of time to ride bikes and scooters together every day (even when it rains!)
  • Mrs. Primm’s fun music classes twice a week!
  • A nature trail through the woods to explore.
  • Cooking yummy food with their classes every week.
  •  Field trips to exciting places like pumpkin patches, the NC Farmers’ Market, and NC State Farm Days.
  • A preschool community garden where they can grow tasty vegetables.
  • Foot Day, when they can dip their feet in everything from shaving cream to birdseed!
  • Other fun school-wide events like our Fall Fair and our Thanksgiving and Easter feasts.
  • A safe and happy environment in which to grow and explore.

For more about what we do at Peace Preschool, please enjoy the video below.

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