We are always proud and happy to offer personal tours of our preschool. Nothing can replace seeing our warm, friendly teachers in action and walking around Peace Church’s beautiful grounds for yourself, but we hope these little videos will give you a glimpse of the charm and excellence of our loving  “Learn through Play” preschool environment.

Our videos are homemade and humble, but we hope they convey something of our love for children, our desire to impart  knowledge of God’s love, our appreciation for community, and our dedication to coming alongside parents as a resource and partner in the education of their preschool children.

Included in these videos are interviews with our current teaching teams. For more information about each class, we encourage you to watch the interviews and videos of the classroom spaces and review the descriptions  for each class found on the class pages of our website .

If you have questions about our preschool or enrollment process, please call or email us.


Welcome to the Virtual Tour – (39 seconds)

The First Thing We Tell Visitors  – (1 minute 48 seconds)

 Academics at Peace Preschool: What is Learn Through Play? – (3 minute 44 seconds)

Our Curriculum – (29 seconds)

            The Fifth Pillar of Development: Spiritual – (2 minutes 44 seconds)

Health and Safety – (4 minutes 37 seconds)

A Few Things That Make Us Unique

The Boutique Preschool – (2 minutes 12 seconds)

Outdoor Playtime – (4 minutes 21 seconds)

                          A Few More Seconds About Outdoor Playtime (30 seconds)

Community Events – (3 minutes 18 seconds)

Our Teachers – (1 minute 4 seconds)


NOAH’S DOVES (Two Year-Old Class)

Classroom Space – (5 minutes 54 seconds)

Noah’s Doves Teacher Video (16 minutes)

DANIEL’S CUBS (Three Year-Old Class)

Classroom Space – (4 minutes 22 seconds)

Daniel’s Cubs Teacher Video Podcast – (24 minutes 49 seconds)

PETER’S FISH (Four Year-Old Class)

Classroom Space – (3 minutes 38 seconds)

Peter’s Fish Teacher Podcast – (28 minutes 50 seconds)

SOLOMON’S HORSES (Junior Kindergarten)

Classroom Space – (3 minutes 32 seconds)

Solomon’s Horses Teacher Interview– (13 minutes 31 seconds)

 Mrs. Clary Talks about Academics (4 minutes 52 seconds)


Mrs. Primm Video Podcast – (12 minutes 12 seconds)

How To Enroll

Register and Enroll – (45 seconds)



Tuition Policy – (2 minute 8 seconds)

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