Peter’s Fish (4-year-olds)


Basic Information

  • Fish students should be four years old by August 31.
  • Class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
  • Student-teacher ratio: 7:1.
  • Instructors: Mrs. Trotman and Mrs. Regher

Our Classrooms

Our Fish class uses two joined classrooms for its activities. Both classrooms contain numerous centers designed both to maximize fun and to help the children develop their skills and engage their creative intelligence. Having two rooms allows our four-year-olds plenty of space for exploration.

Our Schedule

9:00-9:40    Play in centers

9:40-9:50     Welcome and calendar activities

9:50-10:00     Bathroom break

10:00-10:15     Snack

10:15-10:30     Large group story and activity

10:30-11:00     Courtyard/bike time

11:00-11:30     Music (M,T,W) or Cooking (Th.)

11:30-11:55     Playground

11:55-12:00    Wrap up

12:00    Dismissal

 Our Class Pet


This is our class degu, Rosey.  The kids love to watch her and take turns helping to feed her and change her water.

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