Basic Information

  • Doves students must be two years old by August 31.
  • Class meets Mondays & Wednesdays or  Tuesdays & Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
  • Student-teacher ratio: 4.5:1.

Our Classrooms

Our Doves classes uses two joined classrooms for its activities. Both classrooms contain numerous centers designed both to maximize fun and to help the children develop their skills and engage their creative intelligence. Having two rooms allows our two-year-olds plenty of space for exploration. Click here for a video of the classroom. Click here for our podcast with our current teaching team.

Our Schedule

This is the routine that we will follow most days. Our two-year-old class is pretty flexible, though, adjusting as necessary to class mood and circumstance.

9:00       Greeting children, play in centers

9:30       Clean-up and go to playground

10:00    Snack in primary care groups, books, music, and prayer

10:30    Movement and Music

11:00    Playground Again! (swings, sand, climbing, slides, discovery table)

11:30    Courtyard (bikes, mini-trampoline, balls, nature)

12:00   Dismissal

 Some Class Objectives

At Peace Preschool, we desire to help the whole child prepare for life and learning. Our “readiness” endeavors are more than academic. We want to engage and stimulate your child’s various developmental needs. We design experiences that will help your child grow cognitively, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Following are just a few of our class objectives.

  • Learn that Mommy and Daddy will return, so child can separate with decreasing anxiety and increasing eagerness to learn and play
  • Learn to trust adults in addition to Mommy and Daddy
  • Learn to follow simple group instructions
  • Learn to walk safely in a line
  • Learn age-appropriate social interaction with peers
  • Learn to sit in a large-group time and be engaged with the group activity for 5-10 minutes
  • Learn how different “things” feel or change when they are used
  • Introduce simple shapes and colors
  • Learn what books are for and how we look at them
  • Try new physical feats: jump, throw, climb, swing, pedal
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