Educational Philosophy At Peace Preschool, we believe that children in their preschool years learn best through active engagement with the materials in their world, with each other, and with adults.  We promote such engagement by offering many opportunities for good and beneficial play.  We design our classrooms carefully with numerous play centers, all designed both to be fun and to encourage particular types of learning and development appropriate for that classroom.  Our outdoor environments likewise encourage learning different skills and developing physical strength and muscle control appropriate for preschool-aged children.  The adults’ role in the learning process is to set up the learning environment and help to guide the children in age-appropriate play.  The children’s role is to decide what centers they wish to utilize, entering and leaving centers as they choose, and to learn as they play.  In this way, children may develop at their own pace, in ways that work best for them, playing alone or in their groups according to their preference.


Some of the skills and ideas that we develop at Peace Preschool include language development, religious concepts, large and fine motor skills, creative art, dramatic play, social skills, math and reading skills, scientific experimentation, and early social studies concepts.

Each day, the children in our classes spend an hour exploring centers in the classroom. The centers are carefully selected to reinforce the learning themes of the week through art, dress-up, games, and sensory tables.


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